Monday, May 3, 2010

April Results

So April was one of my 2 worst months ever. That says a lot considering poker's been my job for the past 12 years. Tbh like any other poker player, I don't like posting my results when I've had a bad month but I want to be honest w/ everything in my blog and post bad results along w/ my good ones. Also I can share w/ readers the experiences of having a bad downswing and how to deal w/ them. Also poker is just one long game and even for the best players there will be extended downswings. Anyway here are my April results...

I elected to show my graph in big blinds because it's a more accurate depiction of how I'm actually running. I ran like crap at $3/6 and worse at $5/10. For the most part I'm happy w/ how I played. I just ran into opponents' top of ranges so often as well as running $7k below ev. It's funny because I do feel like my game's become better after the month because the losses made me think a lot when I wasn't playing. Downswings are a good time to take a step back and reflect on your game and I did that and think my game is better for it. Hopefully my results will reflect that in the future.

I did win $3400 over 3k hands at hu so I'm still crushing at hu. I think that's good because I'm planning on playing bigger games down the line and the higher you play, the more hu you gotta play. I did play this hand hu at the end of the month and pretty much summarizes my month...

No-Limit Hold'em, $6.00 BB (2 handed) - Hold'em Manager Converter Tool from

SB ($1878.95)
Hero (BB) ($1137.50)

Preflop: Hero is BB with K, A
SB bets $15, Hero raises $48, SB calls $36

Flop: ($108) K, 4, 3 (2 players)
Hero bets $65, SB calls $65

Turn: ($238) 8 (2 players)
Hero bets $170, SB calls $170

River: ($578) 9 (2 players)
Hero bets $425, SB raises $1589.95 (All-In), Hero calls $423.50 (All-In)

Total pot: $2275

SB had 9, 8 (two pair, nines and eights).
Hero had K, A (one pair, Kings).
Outcome: SB won $3015.95

Villain is a reg as well so not sure what the hell he was doing floating the flop w/ a hand where he has almost no equity most of the time.

Couple of more points regarding my month. As you can see 100k hands is not a large enough sample size to depict how good/bad you are in poker. I've been one of the biggest winners at my stakes coming into the month yet I lost $20k over 120k hands. So next time you win x amount over x hands and consider going pro, make sure you have a large enough sample size to guage how you really stand among everybody else. Also I did manage to profit in mtts. Made about $4k in profits. I don't know what's more having a losing month in cash games or having a winning month in mtts (over 50+ mtts). W/ +$4k in mtts and another +$6000 in rakeback + races I finished the month down about $11,700. Tbh that is not that bad considering how bad I ran.

I did manage to log in about 125 hrs playing cash games so I'm happy about that. Too bad most of that was while I was losing. I did lose most of my money when I was playing past midnight so there may be a connection there. I was probably tired and not focused 100%. Therefore I will try to avoid playing past 2am and to play more during the day. I managed a +$10k day last day of the month where I started around 11am and played 2 different sessions before 10pm so I'm going to try to schedule my days like that going forward. I will have to have a good month if I want to play in all the wsop events I'd like starting next month. Considering I don't have a backer (and never had one), and also w/ my overhead, I will need to be selective of which WSOP events I play.

Anyway I've been busy recently. My kid had her birthday over the weekend. She's been sick lately so she didn't get to enjoy herself that much. We did take her and her friends bowling so they enjoyed that. I seemed to have lost my bowling bag w/ my ball and shoes in it so that sucks. I'm an ok bowler..probably avg. around 160-165/game. Obviously like to gamble on it (most poker pros like to make prop bets or bet on just about anything and everything). I did win $200 on the Mayweather-Mosely fight sat. night. Laid $400 to win $200 that Mayweather would win by decision. Hated my bet during the 2nd round when he nearly went down. Considering I paid $65 for the fight (on HD), I'm glad I won the bet.

I had my friends over to grind mtts yesterday. I did ok breaking even over 15 or so mtts. I cashed in 7 of'em but none of'em for more than $400. It was a pretty big day for tournaments yesterday w/ the 1st day of scoop and the final day of ftops. I cashed in the $216 scoop me but busted midway through the ftops me when I held 99 on a Q93 w/ 2 flush flop and we got it all in and villain had QQ (had an above avg stack at that point so that sucked). I felt like I was freerolling twice in that mtt though because I won my seat playing a $100 supersat (buyin was $640 or so) and I laid down 33 on a 953A7 rainbow board to same villain (well known and successful online mtt player) at riv for all my chips where I felt the line he took was indicative of a set.

Finally I'm gonna hold off on buying the Escalade until after June. I want to see how the UIGEA legislation impacts online poker. It goes into full effect June 1st and I guess the consensus is that it will make depositing money into online sites much tougher. I don't have to worry about that too much but I do have to worry about how much tougher the games will become because of that. If bad players have a harder time depositing money (which they do often) they may stop playing altogether. Let's hope and pray that the US will wise up and decide to legalize and regulate online poker (that's my hope and prayer anyways).

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