Friday, May 21, 2010

Golf is fun

It really is, once you don't make an idiot out of yourself on the course. I happened to have my best score ever today...still didn't break 100, or 110 for that matter but I hit the ball crisply and my long game was on. I can't say the same thing about my short game but I had some decent putts. I really need to work on my chip shots...most beginners (which I am) struggle w/ that part of the game since it takes touch and some practice and getting used to. Overall I was happy w/ how I played today and felt like I made a lot of progress in my game. Gives me hope for the future that I can play w/ the big boys (poker players that play well and play for money that matters a little bit).

Anyway I went out to Pahrump (about 30 miles west of Vegas) on a course called Mountain Falls and it was a beautiful day, although it was a little windy. The foursome were Joe T, Todd T, TK aka Alabama Hustler, a well known Bellagio reg, and me..basically all full time poker pros although TK specializes in other aspects of gambling which he is usually +ev in (he told us he won a good amount betting against Viffer in pool last night...there is a thread about Viffer taking on pool sharks this week in 2+2). Anyway Joe and I were matched up vs Todd and TK and we ended up on top and won a little bit, although I lost a bet where I laid 4-1 to Todd that he couldn't 2 putt a tough shot 50 feet out...nice shots lucky. I'm hoping to play some more golf this summer when I'm not playing in the WSOP. Also planning on playing some basketball w/ some of the online guys I've gotten to know this year so it should be a good time.

As for the WSOP, I'm planning on playing at least 20 events including the main event. I'll prob end up playing 25-30 overall so it should be a busy summer to say the least. I only have half of myself in the 20 events I'm playing for sure as I sold most of the other half to guys at Leggo... link here for those interested in my schedule and how much I sold'em for...

I have the same blog over there that I cross post from here but I tend to have more posts here than there. I sold all my action pretty quickly but that was kind of expected based on my track record and the fact that I undersold myself. I should've charged 1.25x - 1.3x minimum based on my past but wasn't sure how much interest I'd get considering this was the 1st time I've sold some of my action. It's good to know I can sell my action anytime I want, in case I want to play more live mtts. I would probably sell my action even faster on 2+2 where they have their own marketplace for buying and selling stakes but elected to go on Leggo and do so because I've gotten to know some of the guys over there pretty well.

I may have to bink a WSOP tournament to have a shot at $1mil this year. Longshot but def. not out of the realm of impossibility. I have final tabled a WSOP nl event before (8th for $70k) couple years ago and made a deep run in the ME as well (73rd out of 8k entrants for $65k). I only played 4 events last year as I basically took all of last year off from poker (only avg. 13hrs/wk playing poker last year). I'm hoping to make up for it w/ a great WSOP this year but we all know you need some luck to do well at the WSOP (1 time!!).

I know guys like checking out graphs so I'll post my updated May graph...

Pretty much all at $5/10 and $3/6. I'm happy w/ my play overall but again just running like crap...about $16k below ev. Played a hand yesterday where I opr w QJ of spades and flop comes T98 w/ 2 hearts and get it all in vs KQ of hearts and run it twice and lose hands like those blow and widen the gap between real money won vs actual all in ev. I'm up $12k or so in mtts and another $3800 or so w/ rakeback and races so that's over $29k total for the month so there's really no reason for me to complain (but oh where or where do I spend all these sklansky bucks?!).


  1. 20 feet? That putt was 50 feet if it was an inch!