Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This has been my month so far... been grinding all $3/6...

So I had a crappy month last month and looks like it carried over early on. I did manage to pull even for the month but as you can see I'm effing $11k below ev! That's fricking 18 buyins! I can post endless hhs where I was ahead when the money goes in but come out on the losing end but it would take all day.

That's the end of my rant. Again I'm proud of how I kept my composure during this bad stretch and got even. Hopefully I can just run at ev (is that too much to ask?!) or better from this point on.

Shout out to my buddy Todd T aka Hellhound who won the $16 badugi scoop. Beat out 2400 entrants and won $5700 (ship the 10% swap!). I played it along w/ the mid $160 buyin but did nothing although I had lots of fun playing them. I do love to play non hold'em games more than hold'em. I just play tons of hold'em because that's where I make the most money.

In other news my buddy Jon F just did another show for and he talks about changing his goal of making $50k in 6 months to $100k in 12 months grinding online nl games. I think this is better because the WSOP is coming up and I know he'll be busy playing a lot of the events there. He also talks about having a mentor throughout his He says how I'm one of if not the best small to mid stakes player in the world. When I saw that I told him idk about that. I said I'm up there but not the best, just the most consistent from a year in year out perspective (yeah, even over Leatherass because I've been winning for many more years than he has). Anyway here's the link if anybody wants to check it out (also talks about sponsorship in poker and chats w Gavin Smith and Jason Newitt and plays softball w/ a bunch of Vegas poker pros)....

I'm gonna go golfing tomorrow w/ him and Todd so hopefully I can teach them a valuable lesson on the course...jk...I suck at golf (but wait til next year).


  1. You need lessons in run better i think! But seriously, very nice red line bud (we need to work on mine). As you know the rest will take care of itself. Awesome that Todd won the low SCOOP event. I'll have to bring my clubs next time I come to town so I can join in the golfing fun with you guys.

  2. such a gross graph man. But it looks like you're minimize losses in a ton of spots. Impressive redline as always.

  3. speaking of red lines, what's your opinion on the best way to work on a new style to improve the red line? my thoughts are to drop down to a lower limit like .25/.50 and try to be more aggressive and get people to fold... but do you think players in general fold a lot less in lower limits (more station-y)and therefore might not be the best practice arena for red line improvement?

  4. Eh, best way to improve your red line is to study and figure out ways to win more w/o having to show a hand and lose less when having to fold at some point. Basic, yeah but that's the way. Eg you open, get a bad flop, check it back and fold vs cbet flop w/ air then having to fold later (you lose your cbet and your nonsd goes down). Obv the best way is to win pots uncontested but figuring that out is a lot of homework.

    As for dropping down, the only reason I could see to do that to work on your red line is to experiment w/ various lines and your overall game. I think players fold less often at lower stakes since they're more fishy but higher stakes has more good and aggressive players that make it hard to get your nonsd up since they're always trying to seize initiative over you. So in general I would think it's easier to get your nonsd up in lower limits than higher limits because of the higher overall aggression in the higher limits.