Saturday, May 29, 2010

My day 1 at the WSOP

Pretty much sucked. Played well to get to 14k at dinner break when avg was about 9k. After dinner went totally card dead for about 50 mins at 150-300+25 lvl. Russian guy w chips opr utg to $775 then Sam Stein calls lp and I call w TT from bb (thought about rehitting but still relatively deep and didn't want to have to call or fold to a shove for basically my mtt life). Flop comes JJ8 w 2 clubs, epr cbets $1700, Stein calls, I think and fold. Turn offsuit 7, chk, Stein bets $2800, Russian thinks for a bit and calls, riv offsuit 9, chk, Stein shoves for $5500..Russian tanks for 8-10 mins and finally calls w KK and Stein tables ....76s...what??!! And no he didn't flop the flush draw. I only bring this hand up because Sam Stein floated w/ total air in mp 3handed w/ nearly zero equity and if he had folded I would've won a nice pot. If he folds, I call w TT..turn I chk, Russian prob checks behind because he'd be worried I have a J or T9 that got there but even if he bets turn I prob. call w/ my gutter and pp and then I'd lead the riv w a 2/3 pot bet and maybe he calls..even if he folds I win a decent pot. GG Sam Stein.

So later I finally get a hand...J7s in the hijack and open to $750 and get called by button. Flop comes 723 w 2spades none of my suit, I cbet $1300 into $2k pot, he calls, turn 5 of spades so 3 spades, I think and decide betting is best because I could still be ahead and c/c'ing would put me in a tough spot and lots of bad river cards for me so I bet $2800, he tanks then shoves for $5800 more and I have $6500 left...gross spot.. I tank and decide he's not making a move (don't think he has big Ax type of hands because he prob. rer preflop) so looks like he has a flush, set, 88-TT, maybe 87, 44, and 66...he's on the abc nittier side so folding seemed best. I guess I could c/f turn but that seems pretty nitty w/ top pair there.

We move on to the next level of $200-400 + antes and I pick up 88 mp and open ship for $6500 and guy 2 to my left tanks for a couple of minutes and finally calls w AQo... nothing like drawing dead on the KJT me.

That's a live tournament for well for 8 hrs..go card dead..finally flop top pair, lose half stack, then lose the rest in a flip. As for the overall play, there were a lot of guys that didn't understand how to play fundamentally well, and even if they played a hand right I think they didn't know why they played it the way they did. I guess that happens in a $1k event w/ 4k entrants.

Then I decide to go play $10-25 nl cash but have to get on the waiting list so I go play $5-10 nl while I wait. I play 2 laps and never play a hand (others prob. thought I was some nit even though I'm one of the laggier online players). I get bored out of my mind seeing 20 hands in about 40mins and decide to quit and go home. I guess that'll happen when I'm used to playing 1k hands/hr online.

Now I'm not sure what I want to do online mtts or play the 5pm $1500 Om8 at the WSOP...both cost about the same since I prob. play about $1500 worth of online mtts on Sundays. I'll probably just play online mtts so I can play the $1500 nl at the WSOP Monday noon. I do like to play limit Om8 and have cashed in it at the WSOP once before. Maybe I'll flip a coin and decide....ehh....speaking of flipping, I seem to lose a lot of them lately.

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