Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life outside of poker

Basically I haven't been playing any poker at all lately. I'm not running bad or anything (well running well below ev but not losing). I've been spending a lot of time w/ my wife and kid. The main reason being that I will be busy during the WSOP and won't have much time to spend w/ them so I'm spending time w/ them now. Actually correction, the main reason is that I like spending time w/ my family. I love my wife and kid and I've mentioned this before but I do live a charmed life.

I've gone to the movies twice w/ them the last few days. Saw Shrek 4 and Iron Man 2...Shrek was meh..the 1st one remains my fav. and Iron Man 2 was good..loved the references to Captain America (his shield) and the Avengers..if you can't tell I'm into all the comics..grew up on them. I try to watch all the summer blockbusters when I can. Also we've been going out to eat often and just spending time together. It's funny when I'm not playing poker and doing something unproductive like watching tv or playing video games I feel like I'm wasting time and money (money I could be making if I was playing) while when I spend time w/ my family it feels even more valuable than money I could be winning. I think for the most part that's how everyone should feel. So in my life it goes God, family, friends, then money...for some poker players it goes money, money, money (paging Sam Grizzle).

Anyway I'm trying to figure out exactly what I want to do during the WSOP. 2 years ago I'd play an event, bust, come home and grind online, win buyin back + some more, repeat. Last year I'd play WOW for a few days, play an event, play more WOW, play another event, more WOW, then Main Event (those of you that have played WOW can relate). This year I'm not sure if I want to focus on live cash games after mtts or just grind online. I'm leaning towards live because I heard they're awesome during the WSOP and I know of guys winning $100k in a week at $10/20 to $25/50 (games I'll be playing). Steve Yea (yes that Steve Yea of FTP fame) told me he won $100k in a week last month in Vegas in those games..and he struggles to beat the games online. Also I do think I have a bigger edge live than most good online guys because I have a lot of live experience from my 1st few years as a pro, so I can read players well live and combine my knowledge from online play..should make me pretty good +ev in live cash games. I'll probably lose $50k during the WSOP

Also I'm planning on playing more golf this summer and getting to know some of the 2+2 guys in person..I've held out for a long time in doing so because I felt there was a generation gap..although I do act more like a 20yr old than 30 yr old. I may start tweeting as a twitter account that's been dormant. I know the guys that bought pieces of me want to sweat me while I'm in the tournaments. Anyway I'm planning on playing the best poker of my life during the WSOP and hopefully the results will show that.

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