Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So my friend just got his own web show on www.cardplayer.com . His name is Jon Friedberg and a former WSOP bracelet winner. Just watched the 1st episode..pretty good content. Link here...


The name of the show is Under The Gun and I guess he is gonna focus on the lifestyles of poker pros while adding other elements such as strategy discussion and his pursuits of poker related goals. His 2 goals in poker are to win a seat into the WSOP ME (which isn't that difficult) and to win $50k+ in online cash games over the next 6 months (pretty difficult). The reason why it is difficult is because he doesn't have much experience when it comes to online cash games having been primarily a tournament pro. I do think he's got a shot though because I've spent time w/ him playing poker (mainly mtts) and he's got a good poker mind. Also I will be helping him out w/ his cash games so that boosts his chances. He also tells me that he wants me on his show from time to time to discuss strategy so if anyone wants to put a face on this blog, check out the show when I'm on (or check it out all the time and obviously I will post here when I'm on).

As for poker, this month's been very trying to say the least. Still down about $18k in cash games and barring some sick heater over the next few days, looks like I will have a losing month in cash games. I will talk more about losing after I tally up the final totals at the end of the month. It's all good though because all of this comes hand in hand w/ being a poker player (and I am still up $140k or so for the year). The only thing it's really affected is my decision on whether to buy a new Cadillac Escalade to replace my Honda Pilot right now. I found out my Pilot repairs were about $2500 so it may not be worth it to pay that and better to just go w/ a new car. My wife and kid love the Escalade (fully equipped w/ nav, dvd player, and 22" alloy wheels) but I'm not sure if I want to shell out that much money (will be putting a hefty down payment if I purchase it) w/ the WSOP right around the corner. But oh does the car look pretty (actual pics of the one I'm considering)....


  1. buy the car man, life is short

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  3. Nice car. I see them on a lot of driveways around this part of CA...usually alternating with "bank owned" signs on the front lawn.

    Hopefully you'll be able to break away from some of the WSOP action to post some updates.