Sunday, April 11, 2010


It was inevitable. I was running well and this whole year's been going smoothly for the most part so it's no surprise that I was due to hit a downswing sooner or later. Mind you it sucks and I'm not immune to the "god I feel like crap" feeling you get after such a bad downswing.

This is for the past 4 days. The 1st 2 days I lose close to $25k then the next 2 days I run like total crap even though I win some back. When I take such big losses I like to go through all my hhs where I won or lost $200+ and see if I made any mistakes and what I may have been doing wrong. I was somewhat happy in the fact that I did not make any big mistakes during this downswing. I did make about $5k in mistakes but they were not big obvious calling a $1k shove on turn on a J hi board w QQ and running into KK.

I sorted out how much I could've saved if I played perfectly (which again was about $5k) and how much I was destined to lose no matter how perfect I played. This is during the 1st 2 days in the midst of the $25k downswing. Here is a brief list..

-KJs flops or turns 2nd nut flush and run into nut flush and both times 250bbs -$3500
-6x aipf w/ overpr vs underpr and -$4k
-Run KK into AA aipf 4x all at 5/ -$4k
-Get money in w/ big made flush vs set and -$3500
-Various hands getting in good or just typical coolers (set over set, etc.).. total -$5k

So that's about $20k worth of losses that I really couldn't do much about. Obviously I've been running like crap the last 2 days as well although I've been winning. Just standard hands like aipf w AA vs KK or QQ and losing, KK vs AK and losing, etc. With the recent downswing I am down $7k for the month now so I'll have to really crank up the hrs if I want to finish with a good month. There's still about 20 days left so I'm capable of going on a heater and hopefully not in reverse like 3-4 days ago. I have been playing more hrs than usual which I'm happy about. Not much more to say about poker other than that these downswings happen and just gotta weather through them and try to play your A game consistently.

Irl saw Clash of the Titans and Date Night. Titans was meh and fairly disappointed. Liked the original better. Date Night was surprisingly very good and had us laughing throughout the movie. Pretty well written as well. Been watching the Masters as well and am rooting for Tiger. I wanted to bet on Tiger to win it all at around 7 to 1 but forgot about it. Happy now because he's a long shot to win it but I wouldn't be surprised if he did come back and win it tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, can I ever luckbox in an mtt?? We'll see as well.


  1. hey love your blog and thanks for actually updating it on the regular! I have a question about a hand history in your last post. You 3b 66 from BB vs but open, and say preflop is standard. Is this really your standard play w/ small pocket pairs from the blinds 100bb's deep vs LP opens?

  2. Well, I guess I shouldn't have said standard. I use the word standard so much that sometimes it just rolls It's actually situational, so the answer is it depends. Sometimes I fold, call or reraise. When 200+ bbs deeps I do 3bet with a wider range of hands whereas 100bbs deep should usually be w/ a polarized range (but not always).

  3. Saw Clash of the titans as well this week. Terrible film! Felt like they rushed through every scene. The original is classic, I'm tempted to go back and watch it again. It's been a long time.

  4. JK,

    I really enjoy your blog. I appreciate your honesty when your not running well. Keep at it and great things will happen.