Saturday, April 3, 2010


I never look forward to April for 2 reasons....taxes and my birthday. Coincidentally they fall around the same time of the month as well. It's funny how I am in my mid 30's but feel like a kid at heart still...just with duties and responsibilities. Actually one of the movies that stick out from my mind when I was a kid was Clash of the Titans (E.T. was the other one that really sticks out from my childhood, but that probably applies to most kids around that time). They just made a remake and I'm looking forward to watching that soon. Hopefully it's as good as the original. Speaking of movies, I'll mention the 2 best movies I've seen in the last few months. One is very obvious and the other is particularly unknown. The obvious one is Avatar. Obviously it's best to go watch it in 3-D. The lesser known one is Pan's Labyrinth. It is a foreign movie from Spain and subtitled. I'm not into foreign movies but this one was so good that I'd recommend everyone to check it out. If I had to describe it, it's a blend of Chronicles of Narnia and any good violent war movie (eg Platoon and Full Metal Jacket). Weird mixture I know but it was one of the few movies I've ever watched that made me say "wow" after it ended.

As for poker I stated before that I'm aiming to get in 120+hrs playing my normal online cash games. I'm going to play the bulk of that at $5/10 and I do have a specific goal of finishing 1st at $5/10 on FTP for the month. I believe I finished 3rd last month and the guy in 1st finished at around $50k. Depending on how the month progresses, I may try to finish 1st at $5/10 for all sites. Obviously it's easy to set it as a goal but harder to achieve because who knows how I'll run and what time commitments may unexpectedly arise. I'll still mix in some $3/6 and take shots at $10/20. Here's after 12hrs in 2 days this month...

Regarding my yearly goal of $1mil, I know I'm behind pace but that was expected in the 1st few months because of the smaller stakes I started out at. I'm content with my progression through the higher stakes so far. One thing I want to point out is that I'm trying to achieve $1mil with the least amount of variance as possible and this probably makes it tougher. If I was in my 20's with no family obligations I could have taken shots at $25/50+ already and if I ran well I may have a better chance of achieving my goal. Well since I'm not young and single I have to take a methodical approach but I don't mind. This is what I expect, well hoping more actually, my final '10 graph to look like...

I'm just assuming that I strike out at the WSOP but that's a worst case scenario. I can get lucky and bink a tournament for 6 figs and make my path to 7 figs easier. I'm assuming I ascend to higher stakes as the year progresses but again nothing is set in stone and I'll have to work hard to give myself a shot.

Ok, I'm off to go watch the Final Four. Not rooting for any particular team unless I decide to bet on one. Easter is tomorrow so I'll be going to church for sure and afterwards grinding mtts all day.


  1. Have you seen shutter island? I definitely recommend it above both Avatar and Pan's Labyrinth (I've seen both).

    Good luck on your monthly goals, I'm sure you will hit them.

    Was just wondering, do you plan on getting into PLO this year? Especially since most of the higher stakes games/nosebleed games running are PLO? (50/100+).

  2. Haven't seen Shutter Island...some of my friends loved it, some hated it...guess it's one way or the other. I'll prob. like it because Scorsese directed it.

    I am planning on learning PLO this year but probably not til the 2nd half of the year. I know PLO is supposed to be somewhat easier than NL right now because it's still relatively new. Hopefully I can translate my NL results over to PLO when I start playing it.