Thursday, April 1, 2010

March results

Here are March results...

I know I ran well but even at actual ev I had great results. I'm happy w/ my hu results as well, considering I'm just starting out. I'm also challenging myself to just play in whatever games are going even if the games are not that good. Two good things come out of this. They are that I can see how good players are playing and I'm actually improving my game playing vs. the best. The only downside is that it hurts my hrly, but w/ what I've been averaging hrly this year I can't complain. I've played in 2-3 handed games to get the games going with the likes of IRockhoes and DrGiggy, just to name a couple, and have held my own. Here are my hu results....

Again, trying to reach my goal of hrs played fell short but I did make a pretty sick hrly for the month. I finished at about $840/hr over 82 hrs for all hold'em games. If I just include my normal games of $3/6 and $5/10 I had an even sicker hrly. Yes I won just about every session the last 2 weeks of the month :) .....

Another thing is that I just got a new system and when I xferred my HEM database over, it missed a few thousand hands (among 2million hands, so guess it's not that bad) along with another $2k in profits this month. Also made another $4100 in rakeback and races. Did lose $2100 in mtts. Also made about $500 in non hold'em games. That gives me a grand total of $73,000 for the month.

For April I have loftier goals. I'm really going to try to get in at least 120 hrs of my normal games ($3/6 +). I may start playing some $10/20 games as well. For those stakes and up I will be table selecting for obvious reasons. I'll continue to work on my hu game as well and look to add more hands at hu vs just about anybody at my normal stakes.

So far this year:

[x] Played good volume at $2/4 and crushed
[x] Played good volume at $3/6 and crushed
[x] Playing $5/10 and crushing
[x] Learn hu and crush
[ ] Make a big score in a mtt
[x] Feel fulfilled in my life outside of poker, whether spending time w/ wife and kid, or working out 2-3x/wk

5 out of 6 isn't bad.

Goals left this year:

-Play $10/20 and higher and hopefully be a reg at $25/50+ by year's end
-Win a major mtt, whether online or live (WSOP bracelet one tiiiiimmmme!!!!)
-Win $1mirrion+!
-Grow spiritually
-Spend time w/ family
-Exercise and eat healthy!


  1. Super sweet results. Good stuff man.
    Seems like everything is working out for you. Please don't stop blogging about it as its pretty inspiring to see this.

    Good luck in April.

  2. Great blog! I love reading it!