Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get some ARod

Just got back from Arkansas the other day and a spent a day catching up on sleep before heading over to the Bellagio to check out the action on a Friday night. Normally I go to a poker room w/ no particular game in mind to play in. I just play in the game I feel like playing while putting some weight into which game is softer (live bumhunting?). Anyway when I got there the choices were $50-$100 mix and $10-$20 nl. The lineup in the mix game was pretty solid (meaning the game wasn't great) so I elected to play some $10-$20 nl. This is a benefit of knowing how to play multiple games.

I sit down and don't really recognize anybody, mainly because I don't frequent the Bellagio poker room enough (hoping to change that). I do know Jimmy "Gobboboy" Fricke who I played w/ last time. I'm assuming he's a reg in this game now. Anyway I buy in for $5k and play for a little bit before Alex Rodriguez of NY Yankees fame sits in the game. Immediately $ signs flash in my eyes. ARod happens to be the highest paid baseball player w/ a contract worth $275mil over 10 years. He already made $250mil in his previous 10 year contract. Now having that much money probably allows him to spend some of it any way he chooses and I was hoping he chose to share some of it on my poker table.

After an hour of play my wife comes over and says she's up $1k from the $2-$5 nl game she played and is quitting. I tell her to sit down and learn from the best, so she grabs a seat behind Gobboboy. No seriously, she sits down behind me and asks how I'm doing. I tell her I'm even and she rolls her eyes giving me the "I made $1k in a smaller game and you can't make a penny in this game" look. I tell her just give me an hour because baseball's richest player just sat down. He sat down w/ $2k which was kinda disappointing to see considering how rich he was.

If I had to assign stats to ARod's play, it would be about 40/4/0 w/ an agg level of about 5. He was limping in a lot of pots but betting and raising postflop quite frequently. Finally we play this pot...he open limps ep, young kid raises to $120 right behind (I think isolation play immediately), 2 guys call to me in the bb where I hold AJo and elect to call (3betting was strongly considered because everybody except the preflop raiser probably had less than premium hands, w/ the preflop raiser having a wider range than normal trying to iso ARod...but the main consideration was that I wanted to play a pot w/ ARod and 3betting would've probably blown him off his hand). ARod calls and the flop comes down AQJr and it gets checked to the preflop raiser that bets $260, the button calls, and now I have a decision to make. The preflop raiser and the button had about $5k as well so I didn't want to checkraise and face a 3bet so I elected to call and ARod called to close the action. In hindsight checkraising was probably a little better based on the preflop raiser's flop bet of $260 into a $600 pot which is likely indicative of a mediocre hand like KQ or AT. The turn comes an ace and it gets checked around. I could've led the turn but figured the case ace or a full house was out there that would bet so I could put in a check raise. Anyway getting checked around the turn isn't bad either because a ten or king could roll off the river where somebody makes a 2nd best hand as well, plus I might get paid off by the case ace or a Qx hand at the river. The river is a 3 so I lead out for $1200 into the $1600 pot hoping to get paid off by 1 person at least. ARod tanks for awhile and finally says "call" and the other guys get out of the way. I roll over AJ and he flips over A8s. Being the target in the game, others console him and tell him he had to call (not really, but to his credit it's a tough spot for him).

Anyway he played a couple of more laps and quit. I feel good I won $1600 from him for a couple of reasons. He's uber rich and more importantly, I lost $400 betting on the Yankees to make it to the World Series so a little redemption there. Also he's dating Cameron Diaz so I'm not feeling sorry for him. Anyway I ended up winning $2500 so I was able to give my wife the "yeah, who's talking now bitch" look...but w/o the bitch part really.

*Fantasy Football Update*

In 3dime my team is 4-3 and 2nd in total pts so I'm in 4th place in overall standings. Top 4 out of 14 make the playoffs so I'm doing well there. My te has been a problem all year w/ Celek so I picked up Marcedes Lewis and Jacob Tamme (Indy te starting now that DC is out for the year). Also getting Vick back at qb in a week will be a boost.

In 1dime my team has reeled off 5 wins in a row to stand at 5-2 and in 4th place. This league also has the top 4 making the playoffs. I really think I did a good job building the it stands I have at qbs : Flacco, Fitzpatrick; rbs: AP, Torain, BJax, Woodhead, PT; wrs: Fitzgerald, Britt (unfortunately had him on my bench last week when he went off for 50pts), Welker, Crabtree, Murphy, Breaston; te: ZMiller. It's a 12 team league w/ a bunch of young online poker players so maybe I can teach them a thing or two about fantasy football.

In nickel, I stand at 4-3 and in 2nd place mostly because my team has the 2nd highest total pts for the season. I've got some injury concerns w/ Collie and Floyd hurt but I think my team should make the playoffs. The core of my team (w/ pts ranking up to date) is Peyton Manning (4th), Gore (1st), Roddy White (1st), Z Miller (2nd) so I like my team going forward.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied w/ my teams so far at the midway point of the fantasy season.


  1. looks like you were the fortunate one to pick up the live money. was he the only live on in the line up? id assume at the higher stakes those kind of amatuers dont come up very often.

  2. He wasn't that terrible tbh. He definitely knew how to play, but didn't understand the nuances of winning poker. As for the others, it was a pretty mediocre table and everybody was playing pretty snug.

    Even at $10-$20 you'll get some guys that don't have much experience and will make them targets but in general the games are filled w/ local regs who are ok but not world class.

  3. JK, hre is why I like your blog.

    1.) It’s legit and unpretentious. I’m so tired of name dropping needlessly. Read any name pro’s blog and not to totally single him out…..well sort of….Michael Craig at the Full Tilt blog. Holy annoying. You played with Arod, you didn’t over do it, cool.

    2.) Again there is an unpretentiousness about your blog. You got to the B. and had a choice between $10-$20nl and a big mixed game. Not like ooooo I play big but rather these are my legit options.

    Think it was somebody at Pokerati but could be wrong, that said that CardRunners finally has someone that they can relate to. I'm in the same boat sir.

    Keep up the work.

  4. your joke about your wife sitting behind gobboboy was really funny! that's pretty cool you got to win most of the money from the target... question, any tips on transitioning to plo? what type of hands to 3bet for value and for bluff purposes? what hands are you willing to go all in pre?

  5. Live Poker, I'm just being true to myself and just saying what's on my mind at the time. It's up to people to interpret that how they wish but glad you along w/ others can relate to the things I talk about.

    Duke, I'm not an expert at plo. Even though I'm a lifetime winner at it so far, it's over a small sample and I'm not sure how much I can beat it for. Actually I know my plo game needs work.

    Expect more variance in plo because most of the time you're taking flips when you go all in. I would 3bet hands w/ big pps + good side cards that work together. Even hands like 6789 are decent hands to 3bet w/. Most of the time I'd be willing to go all in w/ KKxx and AAxx preflop, sometimes w 5678 type hands. As for bluffing, that's very situational, but be aware that the naked ace of a suit when there are 3 of that suit out there is a good spot to bluff and rep the nut flush.

  6. lmao @ wife sitting behing Gobboboy!!! great blog JK.