Friday, October 8, 2010

Downswingin' (because it happens)

I'm eating my words now. Right after I wrote last time about how it's kinda "easy" for me to make money whenever I want I go on an $8k downswing. I was illustrating why I get lazy though, not necessarily that poker is easy to make money at, because it isn't, especially in today's games. Anyway I started off the month up about $8500 and have lost it all since. It's been at least a couple of months since I had any sort of downswing. Just like anybody else would, I started to feel like the game was "easy" because of my consistent winning sessions. A couple of rough losing sessions in poker will remind me that poker is not that "easy" and I need to be constantly thinking about the game and trying to fix my leaks.

I guess I'm used to losses more so than most having played poker for well over a decade as a primary means of income. No matter how many losses I take though, it never feels good, and I'm always looking to kick my cat if she's around when I lose (jk...sorta).

Not only was I losing tonight but I was playing on my desktop w/ the dsl line directly connected. Had 12 tables going, involved in a few hands then my internet goes out. It's weird because my internet never goes out so right away I think the direct line might've gotten disconnected somehow, and I go check and find out my kid disconnected the line (hooks up to a phone jack) to connect the fax/copy machine (for some reason she thought she needed to connect the phone line to make copies). Anyway having been up $2k, then being in the midst of a $4k downswing in the session, I refrain from blowing up at my kid in the heat of the moment. I just tell her calmly not to do that again because daddy's working. It took every ounce of discipline to keep calm at the moment but I knew that she did it by accident and I know my losing should not affect my life outside of poker, especially w/ my family.

I guess the point I'm making is don't let losing affect your life outside of poker. I do a pretty good job of that (believe me, even I have emotions and am not happy when I lose) but I see guys lose and take it out on their gfs, wives, kids, and/or pets (feel free to break as many mice as you want though).

***Fantasy Football Update***

At least something positive happened, that being my ff teams. They went 3-0 and now stand at 2-2, 2-2, and 3-1 (3dime, 1dime, nickel) so I'm in the hunt for a playoff spot. In 3dime my team ended up being high man which is an extra $500 in that league (2nd time this year). It looked bleak early on in the sunday afternoon games. My top 2 wrs (Jennings and Colston) performed poorly in the early games and was looking for Vick, Sjax, Foster, Celek, and Addai to boost my team in the afternoon games. Well Vick gets hurt early, Celek is being shut out, and for reasons nobody knew Foster was held out of the 1st qtr (disciplinary reason). At that point I think I'm dead in my hu match and all my side bets. Somehow Foster comes in and puts up a huge game, SJax does ok, Celek gets a td, and SD def puts up 28pts. I ended up winning my hu match but had a big side for $3k w/ Davone Bess left vs Brandon Marshall in the monday nighter. My opponent was up 1 pt and I was a pretty big dog considering the players involved. Somehow Bess finished w/ 19 pts and Marshall w/ less so I ended up winning high man and the side bet.

I stand in 2nd place for total points for the season right behind edog (his team has to come back down to earth, w/ Orton, Best, McCoy, DMC, Finley, TO among others). Besides all the side bets I have (about $7k/week and $35k in total points bets w/ various teams) 1st place pays $14k, 2nd place pays $4k, total pts winner pays $13k, 2nd total points pays $4k, and weekly high man pays $500. As you can see it's not a kiddie league and guys are really on top of things, picking up players w/ any kind of potential 2-4weeks before they can be realized (James Starks of GB was picked up who I targeted...yeah, guys are researching rookie rbs that are on the PUP list but are due to start practicing in a week or so hoping to find that gem in the rough). It's almost like a full time job staying on top of things in football when this much money is on the line.

As for the nickel league I picked up Z Miller and now have Shiancoe, Miller, Cooley, and Gonzalez. I'm trying to corner the te market hoping to improve my team in other ways w/a team that needs a te via trade. I stand in 2nd place in that league at 3-1 w/ 2nd most total points. I have a few $100/wk and $50/wk bets in that league...pales in comparison to the 3dime league but they add up as well. Finally in the 1dime league I eked out a win w/ Henne and Welker coming thru for me on MNF as well and am poised to make a run (need Fitz and Crabtree to play up to their potential). All in all I'm up about $10k through 4 weeks in ff and am favorite to win all total pts bets (except vs edog, as mentioned he's ahead of me in total pts).


  1. Ur a good parent. most people woulda blown up.

    As for the downswing Im sure youll turn it around.

  2. John, I have listened to you on cashplays, then have watched you 12 table recently on full tilt to try and learn why your so good. Then also , referencing your blog, with honest, self critical posts like this , - my respect your game and character ascends to an even higher level. I really appreciate the insight you have given, and it gives me more motivation to improve.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. I tell all my friends that struggle or just want to get better to take a real honest assessment of where their skills lie relative to the rest of the world and then try to go from there. I am a believer in that and practice it all the time, knowing I'm not the best but that I can always keep getting better.

    Oh, and ship the +$4k day today!