Monday, July 26, 2010

PokerRoad and a tale of 2 sites

If you've been following my twitter, I got a gig cohosting a PokerRoad podcast called Cash Plays w/ Jeremiah Smith. I met Jeremiah this past summer at the WSOP and we hit it off. He used to be a pastor and now plays poker and works in the media part of the poker industry. He is also a friend of FTP (they have pros and friends). We have a few similarities in that we're both Christians, been married for a few years, and focus on poker. He's also a genuinely a good guy and I like to associate myself w/ those type of people. Anyway the podcasts focuses on cash game play and I'm the so called "expert" on it. 1st podcast went up today..

I'm excited to be on it and thankful to Jeremiah for asking me to cohost. I think the 1st one went well and looking forward to future ones. I'm not sure but I don't think there are podcasts that focus strictly on cash games, notably online cash games so we're hoping to bring something new to poker players that want to get better at cash games.

Also I've been grinding my normal cash games online lately. On one side we have Pokerstars...

On the other side we have FTP...

All hands are at 2/4 and obv. a complete opposite in results. Now before I start ranting that FTP is rigged and Stars is not, I should point out that I've ran better on FTP than Stars historically. Also I'm still about $3k below ev for the month (all sites combined). At least I'm showing a good non sd line after bombing it early on. After 48k hands I'm up $325...welcome to the world of the rakeback pro!

I will be swapping the # of hands played on each site starting next year. I'm planning on moving most of my play over to Pokerstars next year in pursuit of supernova elite. Also they have more games over there so there will be more game selection.

Also I played strictly nl headsup last night (w/ some 8game mix on stars) and made a few hundred. After observing my hu results for the year, I'm happy w/ where I am esp. when I started playing hu for the 1st time this year. Here are my hu results for the year...

Now I can see why hu specialists have such high win rates. I think it comes from the fact that they get the fish all to themselves. I will point out that all my hu play has come from sitting on a hu table and refusing action to no one (so zero bumhunting) and when 6max and full ring tables break down to hu, and vice versa when I sit down to start a table. Also my sample size is still not a whole lot but I think I can say that I'm ok at hu. Sure I'm above ev but even at ev my winrate is pretty good. Also 5/10 has been tougher but that's because I'm playing vs guys like Dr Giggy and Irockhoes when the games are starting or breaking down. I'm gonna try to play more hu when I get the chance as I look forward to playing higher stakes eventually. I think it plays to one of my strengths in figuring out my opponents and making better counter adjustments than them. Also it really is one of the purest forms of poker as you need to hand read very well and are basically playing one big leveling game.

Also checking on my HEM, I'm about $30k below ev since April. I think in terms of buyins, I'm around 40 buyins below ev. It sucks but as a poker player I understand that's variance, but sometimes variance can go to f^%$ing hell!

Also I paid for coaching recently. It's group coaching w/ a well known Leggo pro. Basically I'm trying to hone my grasp of the fundamental/theory aspects of poker and heard he was pretty good. Again I like to say that poker takes a lifetime to master and I'm realistic enough to know that I gotta keep getting better.

As for my personal life, I have my personal asst. taking care of little things and organizing stuff for me so I have more time to just focus on poker (getting better and playing). We also celebrated my wife's birthday the other day and she looks as good as the day I met her (yeah I threw that part in to be on her good graces, but I'm also being truthful).


  1. Glad you posted this, I didn't even realize Cash Plays was still running since Bart Hanson moved his podcast to Deuces but I am gonna catch up on the interesting ones and downloading yours now. You're right, an online cash pokercast is very welcome.

  2. Yeah, hope you guys enjoy it!

  3. Listing to the show right now! Good luck on the million!