Friday, July 9, 2010

June Results (belated)

June was an unproductive month. It was because I spent so much time playing the live events at the WSOP. Once I got into the routine of playing live tournaments for most of the day, I just didn't feel like grinding poker when I got home hence my limited hrs spent grinding online.

I played 13 WSOP events in June and cashed in 4 of'em (I've played in 16 events total not including the main event which I resume tomorrow). Considering I played the 2nd day of 4 of the events, that's 17 days of live tournament poker for the month. It may not seem like a lot, or maybe it is, but it definitely feels like a grind, especially when you're getting dealt 30 hands/hr after being accustomed to 1k+ hands/hr playing online. Overall I lost $1730 in the WSOP events for the month after factoring my buyins, cashes ($17k in cashes), and the pieces I sold off at a markup. Obviously I would've liked to have shown a profit but tournaments are not a source for steady income. There's still the main event and if I min cash in it I will show a profit for the WSOP, which is really hard to do.

I also spent 3 days playing live, 2 days of mix games and 1 day of nl and lost about a $100 there. Also I lost $5948 in online tournaments for the months. Took 3 shots in online WSOP satellites w/ buyins ranging from $320-$640 and bricked out. I did manage to play cash games for about 15 hrs and won $3252. Also made another $500 in rakeback + bonuses. I said it before but once the WSOP is over, I'm gonna hit the cash games hard. I am considering playing some more live tournaments though because I realized that I'm pretty +ev in them (even though I'm stuck at the WSOP but that's short term), but only after doing well in cash games. Anyway here are some snapshots for the month of June...

As for the main event, day 1 went well. I had a pretty soft table. Last year I had Marco Traniello, Scott Fischman, Matt Stout, David Benyamine, and a couple of other good internet kids on my table on day 1. The only guy I recognized on my table this time around was AJKHoosier1 who is a well known online tournament player. I was all in once when I held AA and had 4bet preflop to 8k and bet 7k/called all in for 7k more on a Q98 flop and beat AQ to double up. After that I chipped up pretty well and finished the day at 77,500 w/ the avg. being around 42k or so. I won't go into other hands now because I don't want to risk giving anything away while in the midst of the biggest tournament of the year.

Anyway I resume tomorrow w/ the blinds being at 200-400 + 50 so I have plenty of play. Sure beats the 20-30 bbs I usually have to work w/ in the smaller buy in events. Obviously I'm gonna feel like I have the edge at whatever table I'm at since most guys don't know how to play w/ more than 30bbs+ well. Also if there's ever a time to run good, this tournament would be it.

On a different note, I'm excited to see Lebron James form a "super" team in Miami. It sucks that he left Cleveland like he did but as a fan I'm looking forward to seeing how good this Miami team is.

I had a friend that played w/ Phil Ivey yesterday and she said he groaned and wasn't that happy when Lebron announced he was signing w/ Miami. He was offered Miami season tickets a while back but turned them down because he, along w/ most, did not think Miami was going to land 2, let alone 3 superstars in the offseason. Apparently he has family down there and being the baller he is, would've found time to attend games whenever he wanted. Now season tickets are sold out and even regular tickets are hard to get.

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