Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to the grind

I've been grinding a ton since I busted out of the WSOP main event. It's my plan to grind my way to a fortune this year since I'm busting myself out of million dollar pay days like the main event. I'm just about over the hand I misplayed at the main event that cost me my tournament life. We all make mistakes and poker is a game of decisions so mistakes will be made. It's just best to learn from it and move on. There is only one regret I have in life and it has nothing to do w/ poker. I chickened out on asking a girl out in high school when all the signs were there that she would say yes. Even so, my life turned out ok w/ my beautiful wife and kid now.

As for things outside of poker, my Mercedes is in the shop again and I'm shopping for a new car to replace it. The warranty expired and it's very expensive to fix those damn cars. The choices are a Lexus LS460, Cadillac Escalade, BMW 760, Audi 6, and no car. I figure I'm gonna be working out of home for the unforeseen future so don't really have use for 2 cars. Eventually I'll need that 2nd car but I may put it on hold for now.

Also I decided to hire a personal assistant. Actually I just hired her and she'll be starting next week so we'll see how that goes. The reason I'm doing so is because I just want to focus on poker from this point on. I don't like taking care of bills, running errands, fixing things around the house, etc...basically everyday stuff. Also I'm so disorganized that I need someone to organize things for me. It takes time and I could use my time just playing poker and making more money. Also the person I hired is the roommate of Daniel Negreanu's personal assistant so I am going to assume she will be pretty good since she's seen her roommate handle another poker player's duties.

It's also been nice meeting people for a change. Having spent most of my hrs the past few years in front of a computer have limited my opportunities to meet people and make friends. I'm a pretty approachable and social person but have been limited by online poker. I've been meeting new people in poker and outside of poker and everyone seems nice. I've also met poker players that are Christians so I'm excited about that and developing relationships w/ them. I think it shows how much poker has come along when years ago you might've dealt w/ more unscrupulous and shady people (thanks Chris Moneymaker and online poker!). Also, speaking of people, just want to tell my buddy Todd who's been a Vegas friend of mine for a few years now, good luck on your new direction in life at the University of Arkansas (and hope you decide to stay in our fantasy football league).

As for poker, it's going. I started back up at nl400 for a couple of reasons. 1st I need to get acclimated to the games again because I forgot what it was like to grind online cash games. 2nd I cashed out a ton recently and being the bankroll nit I am decided to rebuild back up from $2-$4. There's definitely something to be said about getting into a daily routine of playing online. As you can see it started out rough as I forgot how to play early on, as evidenced by my terrible non sd line early on. Also I've been misclicking, timing out on tables, and just other nuances that take some getting used to. Things settled to normal then I started running bad. Looks like I'm about $4k below ev which is about 10 buy ins. Half of that is courtesy of a certain reg..won't mention his name but it starts w/ New and ends w/ Man. How many times is he gonna beat my overpr w/ his underpr aipf???!!!

As mentioned I've been having problems clicking buttons on my number pad when I'm betsizing at $2-$4. My pad is set up w/ hotkeys for $3-$6 and $5-$10 so I've misclicked a few times lately. Luckily it hasn't cost me yet and actually made me money this hand...

No-Limit Hold'em, $4.00 BB (6 handed) - Hold'em Manager Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com

Hero (UTG) ($701.80)
MP ($397.50)
CO ($562)
Button ($400)
SB ($221.10)
BB ($542.10)

Preflop: Hero is UTG with A, J
Hero bets $122, 4 folds, BB raises $538.10 (All-In), Hero calls $420.10

Flop: ($1086.20) Q, 4, 5 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Turn: ($1086.20) 9 (2 players, 1 all-in)

River: ($1086.20) 5 (2 players, 1 all-in)

Total pot: $1086.20

BB had Q, K (two pair, Queens and fives).
Hero had A, J (flush, Queen high).
Outcome: Hero won $1083.20

Obv. I meant to open to $12 and I think it's a standard call when bb shoves.

Finally I wanna give a shout out to Dave Baker (not Bakes) who had an awesome WSOP inc. a very deep run in the main event (17th) and cashing for about $700k total during the series. Wtg man and feel free to ship me the $600 you owe me from our fantasy league last year. Hope you decide to join our league again unless you think you're too baller now!


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  2. Not a fan of German cars for that reason. Altho my "regularly scheduled" Lexus service appts seem to be costing like $2K a year (after the first year), so maybe it all evens out.

  3. I'm leaning toward Lexus and no car right now.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes, JK. I'm excited about U of A and a new direction. Gonna bail on FF tho--you have to be able to know yourself and I know if I stay in the league I will spend 30 hrs/wk on it like always.

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