Saturday, June 12, 2010

The week that was

I spent the past week barely playing any poker but hanging out w/ friends, some that I just met recently in person but have known online for awhile. Started last sunday when I got invited over to a house rented out by several online guys to play some mtts together. I walk in and the house is pretty clean and I don't see any alcohol or weed lying around which surprised me. I've been in houses comprised of online poker players (imagine early 20 yr olds that are single and make more $ than your avg. 21 yr old) here for the summer and they've looked like pigsties w/ open beer cans and weed lying around. So I gotta give credit to these guys' house for looking neat when I got there (maybe they just had their cleaning lady over, idk).

Anyway we grinded mtts and I ended up cashing in the FTP $750k for $500 or so but lost about $500 or so for the day. I also bet the Lakers and they lost that day, although the series is tied 2-2 as of now and have won my last 2 bets (bet on'em 2 games ago and against them last game). Next we went to Sushi Mon, which is a good all you can eat sushi joint and lost credit card roulette for $220. Yes there are other good sushi joints in Vegas besides Naked Fish (Osaka's and I Love Sushi are 2 other good sushi places in Vegas).

Later that night we rounded up 12 people and went bowling. Again I lost money making prop bets on individual rolls. I think I lost about $500, inc. one where I laid 9-1 on a $10 bet and the guy ended picking it up (3, 7 pickup I think). So to say I ran badly that day is somewhat of an understatement.

The next day I get a letter from the IRS saying I owe more money. FML.

I also get my new Ipad in the mail and promptly end up spending more time on it than playing poker all week.

I head over to the Rio afterwards and play the $1500 6max and build up a big stack early. I get to meet some guys I've played vs online at my tables (Bttech and Passiv). Maybe it was coincidence but I seemed to get 3bet a lot until my table mates found out what my online sn was then the 3betting vs me seemed to subside. I own a FTP jersey w/ my sn on it (dumb I know but I have a zillion FTP pts and used some on the jersey a couple of years ago) so maybe I should wear it to the Rio so people will play back at me less (nah, that's stupid). I do own a "I busted Rafe Furst on FTP" t shirt that FTP sent me (they used to name the player you busted in one of their tournaments on the t shirt you receive for so doing) that I'm dying to wear, but only when I know for sure Rafe Furst is on my table. Anyway I bust the 6max when I lose a flip w 99 vs AK aipf.

A couple of days later friends and I get together for LAL-Bos at BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings..I have no clue in the world why it's BW3 and not BW2) and manage to win a couple hundred on the game. I also watch in amazement at the pitching debut of Steven Strasburg. Next we head over to Pole Position for some indoor kart racing. While waiting for other friends, I win $100 prop betting on air hockey and various video games. Then I win another $220 betting against the only girl in our group in the kart races...betting that she wouldn't finish top 4 out of 6 of us. As for kart racing, it's fun but I finish 2nd both times and lose $20 each race to the top guy but win $40 total from 2 other guys.

On Thursday I play some basketball w/ some buddies and find out I suck (I used to be very good, really). Again we head over to BW3 and watch game 4 of the NBA finals.

Friday I head over to the Rio w/ Jeannie (my wife) and sweat her a little in the $1k ladies event. I walk around and see a few guys playing in the event and get a laugh out of it. I even run into a guy I know that is playing in the event. He said he was inspired to play in it after seeing that Shaun Deeb was playing it...uh, ok. As I rail some tables, I see the horrendous play by some of the players and almost feel tempted to play in it myself...jk, but the overall play was pretty bad. I end up having 10% of one female friend that finishes 72nd or so and makes me $230 (wtg Lisa).

I also play some $75-$150 om8 which I heard was really soft while Jeannie plays her event. I lose $2k in the game but manage to find time to play around w/ the Ipad some between hands, especially since one hand in om8 can take a few mins so the time spent in the game evened out, or maybe not.

Finally today I play the $1k nl event. Never really had a stack at any point and had to play pretty nitty w/ my short stack (which I hated because I like to play a lot of hands and see lots of flops). We get to the 100-200 level and epr opens to 500, mp calls, button calls, and I look down at 87s in the sb and decide to imagine they're aces and shove for $3k total. Epr folds, mp calls, and button folds and I'm like 62% sure I need help...nah, I'm 100% sure I need help. He shows QQ and I don't get a freaking sweat at any point (worst part of the hand) when the board rolls off A633A rainbow. I mean, the flop can't come T9x or something to give me my $1k buyin's worth? Anyway I don't mind my play and had a good read on the players and the callers had about $4-$6k in that hand so I had plenty of fold equity along w/ the value of my hand if I did get called (it did suck that after imagining as hard as I could they were aces, that they still ended up being 87s irl).

There was also a funny hand where ep and mp get it all in and ep has mp covered and shows QQ vs mp's KK. Mp tells dealer put 2 QQs on the flop (I guess the pain is lessened if and when it does come like that because he politely asked for it). Door card is K (I kid you not) and mp gets his wish when the other 2 cards are QQ. Be careful what you ask for buddy.

A couple of friends bust around the same time and we head over to Hot N Juicy Crawfish (as shown on the travel channel) and order several lbs of crawfish, shrimp, and crab. My favorite flavor is the garlic butter medium. There are 8 of us and after we finish, it looks like total carnage w/ the leftover shells of crawfish, shrimp, and crab lying everywhere. They never stood a chance.

Anyway now I'm home and after spending a couple more hrs on my new Ipad, decide to update my blog. So far 0-7 at the WSOP w/ at least 13 more events to go. Also hrs played in online cash games this week: 0. But hey, I'm getting pretty proficient w/ the Ipad now.


  1. John,
    What's the best way to contact you outside of your blog?

  2. You can email me @ . If you need to talk to me, I use messengers that I'd be willing to give out via email.