Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May results

May was a very average month for me. I blew it in terms of hrs put in. I only put in 72 hrs in cash games and avg'ed about $200/hr which isn't shabby. Also I ran about 24 buyins below ev so that blows. Also won another $700 in a battleship nl HU match against my buddy Jason that was on my laptop. Don't feel bad for him though because he binked a stars $50 rebuy mtt for $36k hrs earlier. I was sitting next to him the whole time (after I got there) and it was exciting to see your friend go through the entire mtt and take it down. Unfortunately I showed up late and didn't get to play in it or else we would've swapped %s.

As for my tournaments I showed another profit so maybe it's time to consider becoming a full time mtt pro...jk. I finished 4th in a $215 horse scoop event and won $12,400 so that was nice. I also started the WSOP 0-2 so lost $1k there (counting the % others bought of my action inc. markup). Overall I finished at about $8k in profits for the month from mtts so I'll gladly take that. Along w/ cash games + mtts + rb+ races + , the net total results in $26,800.

I just didn't seem to find the time to grind any cash games the last few days of the month for whatever reason so I need to push myself to grind whenever I have free time. I'm not going to rely on mtts to support my family and myself because everyone knows the variance is high and it's a much tougher way to make a living than making a steady income through cash games (applies if one is a winner at cash games). Also w/ the WSOP in full effect I may find the next 2 months difficult to find time to grind cash games. We'll see.

As for the WSOP, I'm 0-3 now but not thinking much of it. I feel like I'm playing very well and that's all that matters. Def. feel like I'm one of the better players in each event I've played so I feel like it's a matter of time before I make a deep run. I busted today w/ KK on a 8433x board w/ 2 flush where I bet 3500 at turn and got shoved on and had to call for 4k more so it was a no brainer and ran into 34s. It was aggravating to bust like that but that's tournaments for ya. You need to win flips and avoid coolers to do well, and more so the bigger the field (today's had 2300 entrants and I finished around 900th or so).

Also I've been meeting some online cash game players here for the WSOP. As expected they're all pretty much in their 20s...usually 21-25 yrs old. Some I play vs. on a daily basis and others I met through online forums. Since I've been meeting guys that beat the games, I've noticed that they're pretty humble and very studious when it comes to poker. They're all smart kids that are going to school or have graduated from school (university level). We went out bowling one night w/ a few of them and when I was driving home afterwards I told my wife that that is what online poker is mostly comprised of now...bunch of smart 20 yr olds, so get used to seeing more of them this summer when we go out to meet more of'em.

Finally off topic I saw the huge blown call in mlb today where the 1st base umpire blew the call on Armando Galarraga's near perfect game in what should've been the last out. Wow that was a terrible call by the ump. Maybe to his naked eye it looked close but when it's the last out of a perfect game, you gotta give the pitcher the benefit of the doubt, therefore I thought the ump erred big time. Link here for those interested..


  1. that blown call was just absurd

  2. any cash game stories from the wsop this year? looking forward to reading about them!

  3. How do you calculate your hrs played? Is there a stat in HEM?

  4. logs the time you start and stop and measures your hrly