Friday, February 12, 2010

Year to date totals...

Just wrapped up an afternoon sesh. Normally I don't find time to play during the day for various reasons, but I'm gonna make an effort this year, esp. if I wanna have a shot of reaching my 7 fig goal. Today so far...

Looks like a replica of last night's. Funny how I took my worst loss at $2-4 2 nights ago and come back w/ 2 $5k sessions (this is for this year..have taken much bigger losses, even at $2-4). Just goes to show you what I was saying the other day after my loss. You just gotta pretty much shrug off losses, inc big ones (unless you're playing w/ your rent money, but you should never be playing w/ your rent money in the 1st place) and learn and go forward w/ confidence (that's assuming you are competent, if not, obv get better!)

I will give my year to date totals, so everyone that is following my progress can see where I am at. For the year I'm up about $56,000. I'm up $48,600 after 146k hands (almost all at $2-4) and 135 hrs (I will post snapshots of my HEM at end of month). I'm avg'ing $360/hr playing $2-4, which is prob. one if not the best hrly rate among $2-4 players w/ a min. of 100k hands (there could be some HU players w/ higher winrates, not sure). Up another $5k in rakeback, and maybe another $1k in rake races. Up another $2200 in a few hrs of playing live. About even in mtts. So overall I'm satisfied w/ my results, but not w/ the hrs played.

Also, even though I am behind pace to reach my monetary goal, I still have a shot. The main reason is that I expect to win most of the money during the latter part of the year, when I'm (hopefully) playing bigger games. Also, there is always the off chance that I make a nice score in an mtt, but I try not to rely on them for the most part...I look at them as a luxury if I win. Cash games are where I make money to pay the bills, and if you are an aspiring poker player, you prob. should think the same way. You just have a better chance of succeeding in the long run winning in cash games than trying to win in mtts (obv you can do both).


  1. Good stuff man. Glad to see you recovered from the other day. Just curious as to how many hands yu get an hour? You play more than 6 tables right?

    Hope the winning continues. Feb has been good to me to. My best month by far so far and long may it continue for both of us.

  2. I play around 1100-1200 hands/hr and about 12-16 tables. Also, I do a pretty good job of not playing abc, robotic, etc. considering the sheer # of tables I play. Tx for the well wishes and gl to you as well.