Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well that was quick. Managed to recover pretty much everything I lost last night. Last night everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and tonight everything that could go right did go right. Funny how it works sometimes. Variance, gotta love it!

Funny but there weren't really any interesting hands of note tonight. The most interesting one is prob this one....

The only reason is because my kid came by, and was tugging my arm when I was typing in a 2/3 pot bet and accidently min bet on the flop, which probably led villian to think I was very weak, which I kinda was, and led him to go for a checkraise. W/ me thinking that, I called and got there at the riv. Thanks Nicole!

On another note, one of my close Vegas buddies Adam Spiegelberg just won the $545 buyin stud 8 at the LAPC tonight. Paid 15k and he received what I think is the best looking trophy outside of major tv events. It's a Remington, w/ a cowboy riding high on a horse standing on its rear legs. It's heavy and I'm not sure if I'm more envious of him because of the trophy or cash. Well, at least I get a free dinner out of it. All my poker buddies in Vegas and I decided to take out the others for a free dinner anytime one of us cashed for over $10k in a mtt, so free sushi it'll be! Btw, I read that Vegas has the highest # of sushi resaurants in a city in the US, and believe me, there are a lot of good places to eat sushi around here.

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