Thursday, February 18, 2010

Instructional Poker Sites (also mid-month update)

Well I decided to subscribe to LeggoPoker to check out a few instructional vids. It's been close to a year since I've seen one. I was wondering what they were teaching players nowadays. I saw 4 and nothing really opened my eyes in terms of new strategy. 1 was actually kinda bad (MyNameIzGreg...nice guy though and actually a good player from what I know), 1 was just marginal(Boywonder), and 2 were pretty good (OldJude and AEJones). Obv. I advocate joining an instructional site. For a nominal monthly fee, you get access to a ton of videos by well established poker pros (there are a few lemons out there as well).

I've also been approached by a few of them to make a sample video. If the video was well received, it could lead to an opportunity to join the site's stable of pros. I've turned down 2 offers in the past, and am pondering an offer right now. There are obv. pros and cons in joining a site as a pro. Pros inc. access to other top players and talking shop w/ them, getting paid to make the videos, more exposure, inc. opportunities to coach, etc. Cons, well there is really 1 big con, is having to show how I think and play. I've considered this con to be such a big negative factor that I've avoided signing on w/ an instructional site....but who knows, maybe I will change my mind in the future.

I've noticed that other bloggers have set up challenges related to poker. I think that's great and is def. a great way to get motivated to try your best, whether you reach your goals or not. If you have a blog, feel free to let me know about it and I'll follow yours, since you're following mine.

Ok, here is the month so far (excludes some rush poker sessions when I was on my ski trip, and live results, as well as non hold'em game results..prob another $3k total profit in those)

Something weird happened tonight while I was playing. FTP just froze and all my tables were stuck but luckily I didn't have any good hands going. I noticed though that my HEM missed some hands around that time cuz I usually have my graph going while playing, and refresh it every once in awhile to see how I am doing overall (also to a lesser extent to see how my sd and nonsd lines look) and I had a hand where I stacked a guy for $400 and it wasn't registering in the graph. Not sure what happened to the hand or if that along w/ several other hands got imported or not, but doesn't look like it. It really doesn't matter though, as it is mostly for bookkeeping purposes and the money won/lost does register in my FTP account.
It's weird that w/ the sheer # of hands that I play, I really can't think of any that really stand out, hence can't think of any to show right now. I will plan on showing some hands in the future and try to dissect it (hopefully correctly). Also, I'm wondering how to show hh's the most effective way in a blog. If anyone knows how, please let me know. Also, how the heck do you edit the spacing between paragraphs while blogging here? Sometimes I can do it, other times like now, can't figure out how to space out the paragraphs. I'm such a total noob.

I've been running kind of bleh at $2-4, but crushing $3-6, which works out ok. Total hrs so far is 59, which is weak. Still avg. about $360/hr so that is good. So for the year, I'm prob. up about $70k. Only $930k more to go!
On a different note, cool to see Lindsey Vonn get a gold medal...lot of pressure on her to get one, and to do so under the circumstances (her recent injury, amounting pressure from fans and endorsers, etc.) is extraordinary. I read an article about her in SI, and she seems like a cool person, so glad she won one.

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