Sunday, December 26, 2010

Comes down to this (in fantasy football)

So my 3dime team is down 25 pts w/ Colston and Vick left vs my opponent's Philly def. It's a .5ppr + 4pts for pass tds and 6pts for rush tds in case anybody wanted to sweat along w/ me. Not much at stake...just a $3k buyin 14team league championship + $14k for the win or $4k for 2nd place. I did bring a partner before the season started because of the massive sidebets that go on in the league so I'll be splitting the win.

It's funny how the Minn-Phi game was postponed til Tuesday. I know Michael Vick will determine many ff championships across the country and he will determine whether I win mine + an extra $10k or not. If he sucks he may get hated more than he did for doing bad things to dogs (well in the fantasy football world at least).

Need him to become the (excuse the bad taste)..

I'll update whether I won or not after Tues. night's game.


  1. I had a question in six max cash games:
    Everyone folds to button and raises 3x, majority of the time when i have a pp i raise 3x and it seems like the button will call with atc. On alot of boards I cbet and it seems like i will get outplayed by facing reraises or check called every street. What would u recommend having a pp in blinds when its you vs button?

  2. You'll need to clarify your question. Are you saying you 3bet 3x of the initial button's 3x raise w/ any pocket pair then cbet most flops and feel like you're getting outplayed?

    As for a range of pps to have there it depends a lot on who the opponent is and your history w/ him. The big pps are obviously easy to play but w/ medium pps it depends on a lot of things whether to flat or 3bet. W/ smaller pps it depends as well whether to flat/3bet/fold. There is no direct answer to this question, sorry.

  3. Well my team lost by 5.7 pts. Vick did ok but Colston throwing up a clunker was too much to overcome. I'll have to settle for 2nd place.

  4. John, enjoy listening to you on Cashplays. Tough loss in FF.What level did you start playing online poker at? You say your stats indicate your a LAG is this your most profitable style at the limits you play or just a personal preference? I did notice some swings in your PTR.

  5. Tx Ron. I actually started playing limit hold'em online years ago (before nl was even around) then jumped into $5/$10 nl (when it was introduced way back when on Partypoker) because the stakes I was playing in limit was similar to those stakes at nl. I've stuck w/ pretty much $5/$10nl throughout the years, and started playing some $2/$4 and $3/$6nl more because tables at $5/$10 were shrinking and I wasn't putting enough volume at $5/$10 to maintain my online roll.

    As for playing a LAG style it just transformed into it over time. I started off as a tag (as did most) and as my game grew and got better I evolved into a LAG (more fun, challenging, and probably more profitable way to play).

    As for PTR, it's not 100% accurate but yes I did have some swings. When you play a few millions hands like I have you're going to have swings, even ones that last 100k hands (longest was close to 400k hands of b/e couple of years ago). Here comes the brag ;) : PTR only has me winning half of what I've won over the timeframe they've covered.

  6. Do most online poker player pay taxes?

  7. Yes I believe so. I can't speak for everybody but I do and as an American it's our duty to pay them.