Friday, February 25, 2011

LAPC Report

So I've been in Los Angeles playing live tournaments and cash games. So far I'm about even in cash games playing mostly $10/$20nl w/ some $100/$200 mix games. I'm gonna post something about live cash games and how they differ from their online counterparts in a future post (from my perspective anyways).

For tournaments I played a $1k, $5k, and a $1k super satellite to the $10k WPT main event. So far nothing to show for it but I did make it to day 2 of the $10k main event w/ a stack of 43,600 w/ the avg. being around 40k. They got about 650 entrants and 1st is about $1.6 mil. I had a pretty tough table draw today w/ Erick Lindgren, Brett Richey (DatMoose), Chris Moorman (Moorman1), good Euro player, and Joe De'Niro (Robert's supposedly estranged son but also a pretty good poker player) so I'm happy w/ my chip position. I think I'm supposed to make day 2 of almost all $10k+ events because of the deep structures (barring some coolers) since it benefits good cash game players used to playing deep so I'm not getting too excited.

2 of the guys on the table (edog and datmoose) were both in my 3dime fantasy football league that I've blogged about in the past so it was fun talking about how I crushed them we just reminisced about the past couple of years (but yeah I did crush them both). Funny how the 3dime league was the highest and most expensive league I was in but it was one of the smallest for them. Both guys were in $5k-$10k buyin leagues w/ crazy side action...not just one but several. They're obviously more baller than me.

Anyway Brett paid me what he owed me but accidentally gave me an extra flag ($5k chip). I immediately knew he overpaid me and gave it back to him. The crazy part was I asked if he would've noticed, because he was carrying a lot of high denomination chips w/ him (cuz again, he's baller) and he said he would've, but he would not have accused me of taking it and just would've thought he dropped it somewhere. Damn, opportunity missed....jk.

Also I got an online transfer from somebody for a decent amount (over $1k) the other day and they didn't know they xferred it to me by mistake but I returned it.

If there's ever a time for karma to rear it's head for somebody, it's least that's what I'm hoping for this tournament.

I have pieces of a few guys and all of them made it to day 2 as well (I probably mentioned this but I have run well when taking pieces of guys).

The only downer on the day was going out to sushi w/ Joe Tehan, Jon Turner, and a couple of others and losing credit card it was sushi which meant it was expensive. (Again karma I hope).

Anyway I'm going to get plenty of rest for day 2 of the LAPC main event so I will cut this short (vs. my usual blog posts).

I did write an article recently about my 1st big score and how I reacted w/ the boon to my bankroll and I think it's a decent read for those interested...


  1. hope you go deep in the tourney, the artical was good too

  2. Tx.

    Busted last lvl of day 2.

    Back to the online grind then NAPT LA in a few days.

  3. Hey John could you tell us what the difference is playing cash games live vs online.

  4. Yeah I'm gonna make a post about that soon!