Monday, January 24, 2011


I had a weird weekend in poker, mostly good though. On Friday night I cashed out $1100 at the Wynn poker room and thought I put the money in my wallet but when I woke up the next day I couldn't find the money. I haven't found it since so I assumed I lost it...doh! On Saturday I took a piece of my buddy in a $150-$300 mix game at Aria and won $1500 for myself. Yesterday I lost a few hundred in mtts and mix games. I did bet Green Bay and Pittsburgh and won both my bets. Also I bought a big chunk of my friend in a few tournaments and he managed to get 2nd in one for $14k. I had 50% of him in that one so the day was pretty good.

For myself in poker it's been going ok. After having a -$9k session earlier in the week I've managed to win it all back. I'm in kind of a rush at this moment, preparing to go skiing/snowboarding w/ a few buddies in Brianhead, Utah, so I'll post snapshots when I get back.

I did go to the UNLV-New Mexico college basketball game here in town on Saturday and bet UNLV -9 which lost. That's ok because I got to witness Phil Hellmuth get introduced to the crowd and get booed nonstop. He was asked to shoot a layup (made), free throw (missed 3 in a row), and a 3 pter (never had a chance since he couldn't make a ft). So I consider my experience of losing a couple hundred on my bet and seeing Hellmuth get booed and suck so bad on the court a wash (break even).


  1. Phil H got booed? Was he expecting that? I know he's like a poker celebrity, but why in the world would they introduce him at a basketball game??

  2. LOL PH getting booed live woulda made my week.

  3. Not sure why he was introduced...guess he is a celebrity, or Wayne Newton was busy or something