Friday, November 26, 2010


Seems like it's been awhile since I last posted anything so I wanted to write something about what's been happening, and that would be Thanksgiving. I had some family and friends come over and we did the whole turkey dinner tradition and what not. My wife and my mom collaborated on making the dinner and they did an excellent job. I wish I had taken a picture of the whole dinner setup because it was pretty cool. I was too entrenched in the fact that I was hungry at the time and the NYJ-Cincy NFL game not going the way I wanted (I was all over Cincy at +10, +3.5, moneyline, not to mention my nickel opponent had almost the entire NYJ offense on his team...NY won 26-10 so what should've been a time of thanks was more of a time of This Sucks, well just football wise anyway).

Seriously I was eating dinner in our dining room w/ my family and friends and was happy we had a chance to get together and all. Anyway I think it was a good time to reflect on all the things I'm blessed w/ and to give thanks for all those things. Being the Christian I am I give God all my thanks.

Now I'd like to give some thanks to others.... I'll start w/ my eyes rolling thanks...

Thanks to the Patriots and Jets for bringing a small damper to my Thanksgiving..they hurt my wallet and my fantasy prospects

Thanks to the weather in Vegas, it's so damn cold it makes it hard to go outside (the one good thing is that ski season is just right around the corner)

Thanks Venetian for putting your main event on a Sunday last week...I missed most of the NFL action...maybe if I cashed I wouldn't have felt as bad

Additional thanks to them for the $10 food voucher...that's so considerate after putting up $2500 for the buyin

One more thanks to Doug Lee for busting me in that event...maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that...thanks Doug for being the subject of one of the longest and funniest running threads on 2+2, and yeah I know who you are

Thanks to Cardrunners and the other instructional sites for ruining what was perfectly a good (and highly profitable) game for me

Thanks to the right wing moralists who are trying to tell us what to do in the comfort of our own homes, and yeah, especially in the state of Washington

Thanks to all the guys that haven't paid me guys are making me realize it's better to say no, and that I thank you for

Now I can give real thanks where they're due...

Thanks to my wife for everything she's been, and for letting me go to Los Angeles the day Joe won the NAPT. It just so happened that was our anniversary as well (12 years and counting). I told her I'd spend the day w/ her but she was adamant I be there to sweat my friends and in case one of them won (which Joe did) that I should be there. So w/ her approval I got to witness my buddy win it all. Before I left I ordered a vase of flowers, box of chocolates, and a couple of Happy Anniversary balloons to be delivered to our house while I was gone. She was happy, I was happy, so everybody was year I'm making sure our anniversary will be one she won't forget for her sacrifice.

Thanks to my daughter for growing up so quickly and being the best kid any parent can hope for. Even though at times I feel like I haven't done the best job as a parent, you would never know it when you're around her. Brag...she's yet to get worse than an A through 4 years of elementary school.

Thanks to the Dallas Cowboys for letting me win 1 football bet yesterday (they may have lost but they covered, and in the world of sportsbetting that's all that counts)

Thanks to Cardrunners for actually letting me join their stable of pros and vidmakers...haha I fooled them good on this one. Also I'm actually an employee of a company...that hasn't been the case in over 14 years.

Thanks again to Cr and other instructional sites to actually helping my game some as well. Even though I was doing perfectly fine before they came along, they actually helped me realize some of the mistakes I was making. Still, I think I would've won at a higher rate if none of the sites existed but it was bound to happen and the games evolve so the sites are useful tools in improving one's game, including mine.

Thanks to PokerRoad and Jeremiah for actually thinking I know what I'm talking about

Thanks to all my friends that shaped my game

Thanks to all the Nevadans that voted for Harry Reid. He's a big advocate in our fight for legalization of online poker.

Thanks to Michael Vick, Steven Jackson, Arian Foster, Greg Jennings, Marques Colston, James Jones, Davone Bess, Jacob Tamme, Marcedes Lewis, Tim Hightower, and Joseph Addai for getting my team in 1st place in the 3dime league and getting me the most points so far through 11 weeks. Let's finish this season strong boys!

Thanks to the new Kinect accessory to the Xbox 360 for giving me a fun way to exercise. It's a full body motion sensor that allows you to play games moving your body around. Great fun, great kid and me fooling around on it the night we got it (it snaps photos of you while you play)...

Finally thanks to all the readers out there. Hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving and thanks for reading my stories and thoughts in poker and in my life.


  1. Wow. Ur wife is really cool to let you go on ur anniversary day. I think most wives would be peeved just for asking! lol. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to find a wife that cool.

    Ur house looks very nice. Kudos to whoever decorated it. Looks professionally done.

  2. Thanks, I know most women value anniversaries and my wife does the same but she's pretty easy going when it comes to stuff like that.

    Brag...I'm so the typical poker player..didn't want to spend time shopping around for furniture and wall hangings so I just bought the fully furnished model house. The table on the left is my workstation hence all the crap on it (food, drinks, bills, etc.).

  3. I rofled about the $10 food voucher. Still laughing now. Actually, I think this was by far my favorite post - bunch of good laughs.

    BTW, did you have your kid when you were still in HS or something? Not too much longer before you have to go get the shotgun to scare future boyfriends. :-)

  4. Hey sorry for the late reply DF but no, not in HS..I was in my early-mid 20s when I had my kid.

    Yeah I'm planning on getting a gun