Saturday, August 28, 2010

Plo (and latest Poker Road podcast)

So I dabbled in some $1-$2 and $2-$4 plo today and did ok winning about $1700. I had fun playing it and might spend some time learning the game. There are little nuances that I need to learn. I think a lot of the same concepts from nl can be applied to plo. Anyway I decided to download the omaha upgrade for Hold'em Manager to see my stats today. I know I've dabbled in it a little bit over the past 2 years and I was pleasantly surprised to see my results (inc. the $1700 win today)...

I guess saying I've been running good in the game is an understatement. Also what sticks out is my vpip, which stands at 47.3! I knew I was playing a lot of hands but didn't know I was playing nearly half my hands. I think pretty much all my plo play has been in 6max games but still I'm sure it's probably not wise to play so many hands. Also I probably should 3bet a little bit more but I'll need to learn what type of hands I should be doing it w/. Granted it's a small sample size at 6500 hands but I do think w/ a little bit of study I should hold my own (or even crush) at midstakes.

I will also say that I noticed a lot of bad play, more so than at the same stakes in nl. I'm not an expert at plo but I could see the mistakes others were making. Speaking of mistakes I'm sure I butchered this hand...

Full Tilt, $2/$4 PL Omaha Cash Game, 4 Players - Hand History Converter

UTG: $484.30

BTN: $2,126.40

Hero (SB): $1,324.20

BB: $236.55

Pre-Flop: J J A 3 dealt to Hero (SB)

UTG folds, BTN raises to $14, Hero calls $12, BB folds

Flop: ($32) J 9 K (2 Players)

Hero checks, BTN bets $24, Hero raises to $75, BTN calls $51

Turn: ($182) 4 (2 Players)

Hero bets $165, BTN raises to $677, Hero folds

Results: $512 Pot

BTN showed and WON $1,022 (+$768 NET)

That's right..I folded middle set + nut flush draw on the turn! At the time I didn't mean to fold and timed out by accident because I forgot to click the timebank (doh!) but even still it might've been the right fold (but probably not the correct fold). I made 1 glaring mistake in the hand (which has nothing to do w/ the actual correct way of playing it). It was that I was unaware of stack sizes preflop and flop. I saw the flop and automatically checkraised w/ intent of getting it all in (thinking it was 100bbs effective) then realized we were super deep at the turn. I still felt like I needed to bet the turn but wasn't sure what to do once villain raised pot. In plo people have nuttier hands way more often so I wasn't in love w/ my hand at the turn but in hindsight I think I should've just shoved it in even though we're close to 300bbs effective. Obviously I'm gonna puke if he shows me QTxx or KKxx but I had decent equity still. Also there is the chance he shows up w/ worse, eg 99xx, some combo draw of his own, etc. He was also multabling so I assume he was a reg and could be making a play w/ worse.

I do think I should've 3bet the hand preflop because we were so deep and my hand plays well in a big pot because of the big pair + nut flush potential + few straights potential. If I had 3bet it, it would've been much easier to stack off at some point in the hand because I would've been getting a much better price (stack to pot ratio would've been smaller so would've been closer to a no brainer to just go w/ it). Anyway I felt bad after my hand I had butchered the hand. Oh well, it's definitely a learning process and I'm planning on getting better!

**Latest PokerRoad podcast available. We interviewed Jonathan "driverseati" Tamayo, who has done well in mtts (live and online) and is a limit hold'em specialist....


  1. I am still thinking why ur not a fulltilt pro. Maybe its because your winning poker player unlike the rest of the full tilt pros.

  2. Idk,... there's a lot that determines whether you become one or not. Unfortunately your skill/poker prowess is not the main reason. It has a lot to do w/ marketability, hence females and non Americans get deals w/ relative ease. I guess I'll just have to play more live tournaments.

  3. yeah for sure, i was just giving the full tilt pros a hard time. I think you will get ftp pro status soon because your becoming more known by doing your blog, cash plays, utg, etc. On top of that, once you move up in stakes to achieve your goals and win big in high stakes you'll get there. Rooting for you

  4. when you first started online poker how much did you deposit and what stakes did you play?

  5. Hmm, that was really a long time ago. I guess my very 1st deposit was for a couple of hundred on Planet Poker in the late 90's. I played whatever stakes they had to offer which was probably $2-$4 to $5-$10 limit hold'em. I'm sure I went broke (online only) at the time. I went through a period where I played on Paradise Poker after that (limit hold'em again). I do remember specifically when I deposited $400-$500 on PartyPoker when they 1st opened up a few years later. I started playing low stakes limit hold'em as well since those were the only games offered. I don't ever remember going broke online after that.