Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2nd Best Day Online (cash game wise)

I've been running good but playing good as well. When those two moons align, it's a confidence booster...although I'm pretty confident regardless of my results. The graph includes hands at rush poker nl200 from late last night, since it was technically today. I don't know why I even bother with rush. Maybe the adrenaline factor of seeing so many hands in aptly named Rush Poker. I had won $18,000 in a single day before in cash games online so today ranks 2nd. I've had numerous mtt scores that were bigger, but I consider those more anomalies since they take so much short term luck. Nearly all hands were at nl1k ($5/10) and you can obviously guess at about what hand I started playing nl1k (#3000).

I'm happy with where I stand today in relative to my goals this year. I've been steadily increasing my bankroll, and hence I can play bigger games. I've basically been crushing nl600 and nl1k (would be doing well even at actual ev) so I'm happy with where my game is today. I don't see any reason why I wouldn't do well at bigger games. Phil Ivey may have to save me a seat soon! (I'm obviously will be a long while if and when I ever reach those stakes). I do have my eyes set on the WSOP this year and hope to make some noise in it, both mtts and live cash games. It starts in 2 months so I'm trying to get a big enough cash roll to allow me to play most of the tournaments I want and to sit in any of the cash games I think I'm a favorite in (probably most).

Outside of poker, I have been hitting the neighborhood gym (pics in a previous post) 2-3 times a week and have shed about 10lbs so far this year. I've been trying to eat healthier as well, but that's a lot tougher. I've cut out soda and drink mostly water now. It's difficult living in Vegas and trying to maintain good health. There are numerous tasty restaurants and buffets around town. Every buffet has peel and eat shrimp which I love, but alas, is really bad for my cholesterol. It's a struggle at times, but hey, I wanna see my kid grow up, get married, etc. Now I'm not anywhere near the end, but I'd like to prolong my life as much as possible because I do have a charmed life by all accounts. Again, this all starts with how you approach life and everything else associated with it, like poker. A positive and strong mentality will do wonders for you, along with putting in a good effort. Having a hot wife and a great kid isn't bad either (and no I will not post pics of wife).


  1. Congrats on the #2 day, bump in stakes, and healthy habits!

    -aspiring grinder and avid reader

  2. I have a heart on for your graph. Nice Job!

  3. 6 mnths ago i was drinking a lot, eating unhealthy food and not working out. the doctor told me my liver was in bad shape and that i couldnt drink for 10 weeks. thats shocking when im only 23 y.o. i started working out a lot, two to three times a day, both cardio and strength, eating healthy. i lost a lot of weight, i feel much better all day, i have a lot more energy (almost too much to sit down and grind 8hr sessions like i used to do all the time). what helped me a lot was that i said to my self that i would never skip a work out just because i didnt want to. because then it would have been much easier to just skip every work out. just set your mind to it. healthy food makes you feel so much better as well. gl nice blog